Growing up in Eugene, Oregon, John Bayes has been closely connected with cannabis culture starting from a very young age. As a young adult Bayes explored many career paths, but found a deep interest in esoteric studies and psychedelic self discovery. It was these unique interests that triggered an intense urge to explore plants and their medicinal qualities in a more traditional lineage based manor. In 2004 after doing a good deal of self exploration Bayes was inspired to travel to Peru. On this journey he would seek to learn more extensively the traditions of wisdom plants from the jungles and highlands of this sacred country. In Iquitos, at the first International Shamanic Conference, Bayes came in to contact with his first teacher, Sayre Tupac Waricocia. Coincidentally, this is also when Bayes made his first junction with deeper Buddhist traditions and philosophical studies. Sayre Tupac was more of a Neo-Style teacher, combining Buddhist psychology, philosophy & practices, quantum physics, and Andean plant wisdoms. Sayre received his training in the Buddhist tradition under the Karma Kagyu lineage in India. Sayre’s Buddhist traditions, lifelong training in Peruvian wisdom plants, and a sacred Incan heritage helped to form a bond with Bayes that would last a lifetime. Bayes continues to study and train in Buddhist traditions under the guidance of the Namgyal Monastery to this day.
Politically, Bayes has worked closely with state and federal level politicians to help shape and create sensible laws based around cannabis. In Oregon, Bayes served on multiple advisory boards, guiding the states regulatory process and testifying to help secure the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program under the request of Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski.

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