5G (Reg)


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GMO x The Whip!

Flowering Time 9-10

16 Regular Seeds


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We always loved the GMO but the extremely long flower time has always been a turnoff to us and many diehard GMO fans.  We made it a goal of ours to recreate a new version of GMO with a short flower time while maintaining the unique savory gaseous terpenes of the GMO.  The Whip was a perfect choice.  The Whip tamed down the insane stretch on the GMO, making the 5G much more manageable.  She has an above average yield and develops a deep dark purple hue towards the end of ripening.  Although the earthy, rotten fruit afghani terpenes from The Whip are noticeable, the distinctive nauseating savory terpenes from the GMO are prevalent in the 5G.  Although not tested outdoors in 2020, The Whip is one of our great flagship outdoor varieties and normally produces excellent outdoor worthy offspring.  This is an extremely small release and will only be available for a very limited time.