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One of our newest creation’s to date. We took our multiple award-winning Bruce Banner #3, and crossed it to some of the most elite strains right now. Zkittlez, and Dosidos. The end result is what we call Hulkamania

Bruce Banner #3 x (Zkittlez x Dosidos F2)


Out of stock

The terpene profiles coming from this cross are some I’ve never seen before.

It’s a combination of a gassy grapefruit, mixed with a strawberry peanut butter cookie.

Just the smell from the flowers alone makes your mouth want to water instantly.

She is incredibly euphoric, but slightly energetic at the same time.

Very interesting visual growth, and amazing greasy, dense flowers along with an exhilarating aroma coming from just about every phenotype we have come across.

She should test pretty high around 24-30% THC.

She will be a very heavy Indica.

Bruce Banner #3 test around 28.3% THC, so most phenotypes should come out pretty higher than usual.

I’d look for the pheno that look like Dosidos, yield like Bruce Banner #3, and smell like Zkittlez, but has a taste of all 3 combined.

That’s the winner you should be looking for in this cross.