Peach Crescendo F1 (Reg)


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(ChemD x i95) x Mandarin Cookies x Peach Ringz

17 Regular (M/F) Seeds

• Thc: 30%

• Flowering time: Indoor, 9 weeks / Outdoor, Regular season


• INDOOR YIELD: Medium/High

TERPENES: Sour Chem and sweet, tropical citrus

EFFECTS: Boutique!! Extremely hard-hitting, complex hybrid. Chem D (terpenes) phenos are couch-lock while the tropical pheno (terpenes) is more uplifting.



Out of stock


Unique Boutique Line

A tall, aggressive plant that isn’t for beginner’s. She can give large yields to the veteran grower but be stingy to the novice. Chunky medium sized flowers that are completely coated in trichomes from tip to tip. She’s maximized with multiple tops or trellising or in the sun. All of them are gassy. About half have sweet peach and tropical fruit undertones.