Pre 98 Episode1 F4 (Auto)


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Pre 98 Bubba Kush *Clone Only* x (Auto Skywalker x Auto Triangle Kush)

3 Automatic Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Finishes around 75 days from sprout.


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This project started back in 2016 while I was living with Ronin Gardens. I had acquired quite a few stellar clone only varieties while in Colorado and the Bubba Kush was no exception! She was short and thick with super dense nugs, swollen calyxes, and dark dank smells that the Pre 98 had become synonymous with over the years.  Fun fact, the same Auto Skywalker male was used to create the Wizard’s Apprentice (Cheech Wizard from Bodhi Seeds x Auto Skywalker) and Pre 98 Episode 1!

The F1 were consistently Bubba dominant plants. Short and stocky, fat fan leaves, and extremely dense nugs covered in silver resin that put out those famous scents that the Pre 98 is known for, with an added layer of earthy OG from the Skywalker. Since they were all so visually similar and the smells were on point, I pollinated multiple females and selected the next generation.

At the F2 stage things really started to open up in terms of genetic variation (see “Outlier Z F4” below). The majority of the autoflowering plants were exceptional mixes of Bubba and Skywalker. Earthy, herbal, dark scents with the same dinner plate fan leaves and shorter stature. The fan and sugar leaves didn’t get the same dripping levels of frost that some of my other varieties offer, but the flowers themselves were absolutely caked!

The F3 were truly a pleasure to grow and experience. Easy plants that could take a solid feeding from early on. After their hefty veg stage, transitioning into flower they were already in need of more nutrients than the Roots Organics Lush super soil had to offer! They were supplemented with Biobizz and Canna Bio liquid feeds during flower, and managed to come out extremely dense even with the early issues.

The F3 flowers put out a mixture of herbal, rubber, gassy notes and still carried something mysteriously minty along with them, but the coffee flavor became much less prevalent. Structure, resin, density they checked all the boxes, but without the overt and instantly recognizable coffee scents of the clone only I didn’t feel quite right using “Bubba” in the name of this cross, so with a new plan of action the name “Pre 98 Episode 1” was decided on.

The Pre 98 Episode 1 are truly fantastic plants and I highly recommend growing them, but in my search for perfection I am going to continue the Bubba work. I hit up my pal Stoned Ninja to get the Pre 98 Bubba Kush clone only back, and will begin working on Pre 98 Episode 2 shortly! By the time you read this the Pre 98 Bubba Kush is already en route or in hand, and the process will begin all over to lock down even more of that traditional old school heavy coffee dank funk using Pre 98 Episode 1 as the pollen donor this time.

I’m hoping to have Episode 2 ready in late 2024 or early 2025, so mark those calendars!

From time I received the clone only, through the creation of the F4 seeds these plants have been grown strictly in super soil, 5 gallon pots, and under LED lighting unless noted otherwise. The figures above are based upon my own experience and include transplanting from half gallon pots to five gallon pots. I have not pushed these to their full potential, but I fully anticipate seeing some extra chunky buds from these. Enjoy!