Rozay F3


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Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks.


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Rozay f3(rozay f2 x rozay f2).. The third generation of my Rozay is actually more diverse than the f2 in terms of bud and plant structure. We did this on purpose by using several males and females from the f2 line. Some are slower and some are fast, some stretch just a little and some a good bit. We wanted this variety in growth so growers could pick the right pheno for their garden. Rozay has berry fruit roll up, flintstone vitamins, and red wine terps that are loud! Yields are average to above average and most phenos are done flowering before 9wks. The original Rozay we made years ago is Sherbet x purple bomb. We made purple bomb many years before when combining an elite and very unique purple diesel clone from NorCal hills with heath Robinson’s black rose. Most phenos of Rozay will purple up, especially with temp swings. Some will purple regardless and some not at all in some gardens, but don’t ignore the green phenos, they can be amazing! The terp profile is to die for with Rozay!

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