“Tasty T” – Boston Cream Pie S1 (Fem)


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12 Fem Seeds

Flower Time:  9 weeks; grows well indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse

Stretch:  Tall

Yield:  High

Height:  Tall

TAC:  27%

High terpene content!


Out of stock

“Tasty T” – A Boston Cream Pie S1 Cultivar from Mass Medical Strains:


History and Genetics:

Tasty T is a feminized S1 cultivar of Boston Cream Pie from Mass Medical Strains with an indoor flowering time of ±63 days. Mixed Marriage Genetics loved it so much that we took fourth-generation clones from our bonsai mom, reversed one to male and pollinated his sister to make this S1 “Tasty T.” This balanced hybrid cultivar is a masterpiece combination of some unique genetics where East Coast meets West Coast. MMS combined their award winning PuTang strain (Tangie x Star Pupil) with Vanilla Cream, a very special sativa-dominant phenotype of CSI Humboldt’s “Mendocino Menage a Trois” strain which is a cross of Triangle Kush and Mendocino Purple. This selection is based on stability, vigor, and most importantly an incredibly positive unique vibe and mouth-watering terpene profile which gives it her name.



Strong notes of ripe tangerine and creamy Mexican vanilla followed by frankincense, lemongrass and lavender. Undertones are resinous woody, fruity and warm spicy finishes coupled with that characteristic MMS “Pupil Funk.”



Depending on topping and training (recommended), possible strong central colas extending to beer bottle lengths with bon bon-shaped nuggets creating floral patterns that twist up the stalk. This phenotype shows an array of colors exhibiting purple-hued flowers with green and white calyxes mixed in. As she approaches maturity, she typically displays colorful leaf fades with hues of light to dark purple. Amber trichome hairs appear to outline the purple, green and white floral patterns, making them more distinct, while fuzzy orange pistils are mixed throughout. These flowers are a crowd pleaser and delight the senses with their powerful terpene profile.


Super sparkly and gooey buds loaded in resin! Very vigorous, tall and lanky plants which don’t need a long veg time and will flower quickly in 9 weeks with larger yield than either parent alone, displaying fantastic hybrid vigor! A true delight to grow and smoke. Limited edition.

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