Mac N’ Jack R1 (Fem)


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MAC 1 x 1994 Jack Herer
Capulator MAC 1 (Cap’s Cut)
Flowering time: 9-11 weeks
Yield: She’s a monster!
Total Cannabinoids: 25-30%
CBG: 2%
CBC: 1%
THCv: .3%

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Terpenes: She’s got a sharp landrace lemon upfront with an incense, Pine and Sandalwood finish.
Morphology: Insanely vigorous and can get out of control if not properly grown. She stacks fairly well for such a fast growing plant. I recommend sending her in to flower earlier than a typical plant. She’ll fill in nicely the first month of flower with strong vertical and lateral branching. Great plant for an intermediate or highly experienced grower. She does great outdoors, as well but needs the full season.


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