Outlier V (Auto) NEW


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  • Lineage: Outlier C x Vanilla Fizz
  • Seeds: 3 Feminized seeds per pack
  • Yield: Med – High
  • Harvest Time: 70 Days from Sprout
  • Indica/ Sativa: 80/20


1 in stock


These medium-large hash plants produce soda can sized colas dripping with resin. Bushy and branchy they can be as wide as they are tall, finishing with beautiful purple fades.  She puts out excellent yields of grape creamsicle cookie goodness that only gets more intricate throughout the cure, revealing unexpected nutty vanilla flavors after harvest.  Providing a great blend of mental and physical effects combined with her flavors creates an outstandingly enjoyable everyday smoke.  Be sure to have supports on hand for her hefty colas!  I anticipate flower fans and extractors alike to enjoy this one.

The Outlier C mom was a standout from the start with great branching, loads of bud sites that turned into monster colas, and delicious candy and cookie resin reaching all her nooks and crannies.

The Vanilla Fizz reversal was selected for her resin coverage, addictive creamy caramel and  vanilla scents, and extra branchy structure.  She didn’t produce as much pollen as I would have liked, so I was only able to make a few new varieties with her, but this is just the beginning.  She is something special and will be a permanent staple in my toolbox.