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STS Sex Reversal Spray 8oz.


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Spray 8oz


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Some people refer to Sex Reversal and pollination as “Feminizing or Feminized” however, we do not agree with this term. If you use a plant that is a from a phenotypically unstable line, you will end up with males in the line. And there are SO FEW TRUE IBL Lines (meaning 100% uniformity between phenotypes from each seed) so you should expect to see a small population of males depending on this variable.

Educate yourself and your customers on the science behind reversals. Reversing plants does NOT cause more hermaphroditism or a potency drop. In fact, it’s a great way to bring vigor back to a clone only line that is tired from being passed from cut to cut. The solution actually causes the gibberelin hormone to be produced in the plant (many factors cause the plant to naturally produce gibberelin, one of which is stress, however that does not mean that having the plant produce this hormone is causing it stress – one doesnt necessitate the other to be true).

Gibberelins are naturally produced by the plants in nature when the plant senses a male is needed in the population to continue its line (we all know plants are living beings, however many don’t understand the true nature of their intelligence and ability to assess their surroundings.) The introduction of the RIOT SEEDS CANNABIS SEX REVERSAL SPRAY also causes ethylene production to halt which causes pistillate formation and female characteristics. Reversing the Sex of the plants is TEMPORARY AND DOES NOT ALTER THE DNA OF THE PLANT.

If anyone tells you that, they do not understand cannabis, science, or really haven’t done any experiments first hand. They’re bullshitting about a method they are too simple to understand or to perform.  As you will see this is not a quick and easy solution. It takes timing and practice to accomplish a successful reversal and pollination. We’ve made the reversal part as easy as it can be – in fact, it’s downright idiot proof if you follow the instructions.