Forum Stomper (Auto)


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Genetic Heritage: Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Sour Stomper F4

Flowering Time 63+ Days

3 Auto Seeds


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This easy to grow variety will reward you with some ultra frosty flowers. Forum Stomper will noticeably produce two main phenotypes. One is a slightly shorter stockier with a more typical shape of main cola and decent secondaries surrounding her. These make longer colas with tighter internodes and a great bud to plant ratio. This one is medium size with a solid structure not requiring support. Second pheno has emerged that likes to branch and bush to where it can be difficult to find the ‘main’. This phenotype is substantially larger with a stretchier more ‘og’ like growth pattern but totally manageable. Both phenos present very unique flowers with mint and deep exotic aromas. Expect Frosty dense nugs and beautiful aroma from this lady.