Spice Melange (Auto) NEW


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  • Sativa/Indica: 35/65
  • Harvest Time: 75-85 Days from Sprout
  • Yield: 2-4 ounce average
  • Ranges from chemmy pine and lemon, to spicy green onion, and some sweet, earthy flavors.
  • Seeds: 3 Feminized seeds per pack


Out of stock


Expect large, sturdy sativa dominant plants with ample branching and golfball nugs running them stems, ending with heavy spear shaped colas of greasy goodness! The flowers are dense and finish fast with a carpet of resin, and flavors ranging from chemmy pine and lemon, to spicy green onion, as well as a darker colored expressions that add in some sweet earthy flavors to the mix as well! These provide a strong head smoke, great for social activities and laughing fits with friends. The combination of her unique flavors and effects will make it hard to put down, but take care not to over indulge or she can leave you forgetful mid thought, and lost looking for the right word. Definitely a fun one overall, I highly recommend trying the Spice if you haven’t had the pleasure already!

The figures above are based upon my own experience and include transplanting from half gallon pots to five gallon pots.  I have not pushed them to their full potential and I fully anticipate seeing some higher yields from you guys.  Enjoy!