Strawberry Nuggets


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Genetic : Sour Strawberry Kush (Bog Seeds) x 24 Carat F3 – Pink Pheno

Flowering Time 63+ Days

7 Auto Seeds


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Strawberry Nuggets is a compact beauty which grows widely and has a tendency to finish being wider than taller. She has a fat main stem, hardy branches and green extra wide leaves – dinner plate wide! Her exceptional growing pattern requires some maintenance to make sure the air flow is good and humidity level is not too high. The best way to keep her in nice shape is trimming, and this way you may be sure of the best results and highest possible yields. Strawberry Nuggets starts quickly the flowering cycle and needs the best environment for that. This Indica dominant hybrid has a few different phenos and each one of them shows different colouring – from natural green, subtle pink, pink to pure purple. Little, exotic and full of sought after properties. Try this exotic and fruity smelling plant with ball-esque flowers, bag appeal, strong effect and an outstanding terpenes profile for yourself.